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You Are Here: Creative Cartography Mapping the Soul of New York — Brain Pickings

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“Diversity fills the city with cartographic potential… New York belongs to everyone, and maps prove it.” “Each of us is an atlas of sorts, already knowing how to navigate some portion of the world,” wrote Rebecca Solnit in her imaginative remapping of New York’s untold stories, “containing innumerable versions of place as experience and desire…

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A mother-daughter book-blogging team share a special Top 5 (x 2) List

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A couple of years ago, my girl and I were honored to be invited to write for the Nerdy Bookclub blog. Ahead of Mother’s Day, it seems like a perfect thing to share, as it talks about what reading has meant to me, my mom and my daughter.

Nerdy Book Club

Hi, I’m LitKid. My mom and I write a book blog together called Lost in a Book. I’m going to share my Top 5 reasons why it’s superb to have a book-lover for a mom.

  1. We can have a good pinpointed conversation. You know, at the dinner table we can talk about books, instead of just sitting there like robots, eating our dinner in silence.
  2. We can bond over books. We always love going book shopping for each other and going to author events at Quail Ridge Books (
  3. We each have an installed book recommender. My mom is always collecting recommendations for kids’ books to read; she’s a huge Twitter person so she knows about a lot of authors.
  4. We can meet great authors. Between Quail Ridge and the huge Twitterverse, my mom and I have met a great deal of authors.
  5. Our blog. Enough said.


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27 Crescent Street

When I first began playing around with the idea of writing a novel for kids (mostly for my daughter but also for my younger self), I came across a poem titled Magic in my girl’s first-ever poetry gift, Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Magic became, for lack of a better way to describe it, the ‘mascot poem’ for my story.

I loved the rhythm and sing-song feel of it – not to mention the way that it brings in so many of the magical creatures of childhood – and the last two lines spoke to me like a call to action of sorts … it was time, it seemed to say, for me to conjure up a little magic myself.


Sandra’s seen a leprechaun

Eddie touched a troll,

Laurie danced with witches once,

Charlie found some goblins’ gold.

Donald heard a mermaid sing,

Susy spied an elf.

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My #WriteSpace

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On Twitter yesterday, writers were asked to share photos of the spaces where they write or the views from those spots. While I love desks, especially old ones, my usual writing space tends to be elsewhere – lately, the couch in my sun-flooded living room. I shared the photo below, taken from my couch perch, and it became part of the scrapbook on Storify.

This ‘community’ project appealed to me because I’ve long been fascinated by where creative people work. I’ve held onto a desk calendar from years back that featured famous writers in their writing rooms/spaces; each page had a quotation from the writer, and some of those are now among my all-time favorites quotes. I made copies of some of those pages and posted them in the offices I’ve had in the years since, and I used the calendar itself to jot down notes and passages for my kids’ novel, so now it’s a true keepsake.

Meanwhile, here is the view from my winter #WriteSpace; if this weird (global-warming-ish) weather continues, I’ll be in my spring #WriteSpace (the backyard) in no time at all … this afternoon, I’m betting.

the long run… round 2.

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I’m beginning to think the ‘long run’ – oh, the jargon I am picking up as I chip away at this running/training thing – and I are not compatible.  I was looking down the barrel at 6 miles for this weekend, and as with last week’s 5-mile assignment, I was trying hard to get excited about it. (The challenge! The sense of accomplishment! The possibility of a taste of runner’s high!)

Last weekend, I waited too late to head down to the state park in Va. (was on a family trip), and as mentioned here last week, my run was miserable and hot. This weekend, Hurricane Irene wrecked my long run plans — her rains arrived a couple of hours ahead of time on Friday (when I planned to go), stayed all day Saturday and left my running spot @ a state park closed down until noon today … about 3 hours and 15 degrees of heat too late for me. I realized I don’t have any backup spots for a long-ish trail/non-hard-surface run.

Which leads me to tomorrow morning as a backup plan… MONDAY morning. Attempting a distance far greater than I’ve ever tried before — though I am taking walking breaks, 6 miles may as well be a marathon for me — on a MONDAY MORNING is a lot for me to wrap my head around, but I’m going to try. And soon I will have to return to this spot and report in … did I go or did I wimp out?  Hopefully, facing that potential shaming will help me get it done.


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