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Down but not out

In running, Tangents on June 13, 2013 at 11:23 am

I haven’t run since early this year, and it’s discouraging. I miss my trail; it’s a reliably tranquil, calming drug. But my right foot still feels as if it will not hold up on a run. It’s not an out-and-out fracture (not enough pain), but  my fear that it may be a stress fracture is keeping me off the trail.



(Side note: Because it’s been a crazy/stressful year on the work front, and my freelancer life has me on an insurance plan with a deductible I never meet, I’ve hesitated to embark on a journey of X-rays and PT. It’s a bad feeling to be caught in that spot between the proverbial rock and hard place. But I’m hoping Obamacare will help those of us who work for ourselves and make it a priority to carry health insurance at some level, so our families or people who are insured don’t have to cover us if something big happens.)

Seeing an orthopedist or podiatrist to get to the bottom of the problem is on my to-do list for the summer, but in the meantime, my solution to the non-running and work-stress blues has been to look for silver linings and come up with lists of all the things I have to be grateful for. On the running front, my silver linings are:

1) I managed to resist becoming a couch potato. I found a substitute routine, going to the Y to ride the stationary bike and use the rowing machine. I haven’t been as often as I should have and often I can only go for 30-45 minutes, but I’ve kept at it, and for me, that’s evidence that the running/exercise instinct has finally burrowed into my (for lack of a better word) DNA. (People are using ‘DNA’ in the business setting now, and it drives me insane).

2) A few months away from running has not erased all the mental progress I made around running when I first did the 5K training program. While my lungs/stamina have always resisted the idea of running, my mindset was always the biggest obstacle. Even with temperatures heading up again in NC, I would be happy to get back out on my trail again tomorrow if I felt my foot could hack it. This is a big deal. Never in a million years would I have imagined that I’d be able to maintain my love of running after five months away from it.

For those of you still at it, run an extra mile or two for me!

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