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My #WriteSpace

In Uncategorized on February 24, 2012 at 11:01 am

On Twitter yesterday, writers were asked to share photos of the spaces where they write or the views from those spots. While I love desks, especially old ones, my usual writing space tends to be elsewhere – lately, the couch in my sun-flooded living room. I shared the photo below, taken from my couch perch, and it became part of the scrapbook on Storify.

This ‘community’ project appealed to me because I’ve long been fascinated by where creative people work. I’ve held onto a desk calendar from years back that featured famous writers in their writing rooms/spaces; each page had a quotation from the writer, and some of those are now among my all-time favorites quotes. I made copies of some of those pages and posted them in the offices I’ve had in the years since, and I used the calendar itself to jot down notes and passages for my kids’ novel, so now it’s a true keepsake.

Meanwhile, here is the view from my winter #WriteSpace; if this weird (global-warming-ish) weather continues, I’ll be in my spring #WriteSpace (the backyard) in no time at all … this afternoon, I’m betting.

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