Bookish holiday decor, Part 1

In miscellany, reading on December 12, 2011 at 3:28 pm

As mentioned in a post over on the kids’ book blog I write with my 10-year-old, I use my grandmother’s cake plate to show off books instead of cake, due to my lack of willpower when it comes to dessert.

Stealing an ingenious and colorful idea from a fall display at the Cameron Village branch of the Wake County Libraries – a slew of book covers in beautiful shades of orange – I changed up my platter for the holidays. Now a small tower of books with red (and a couple of other complementary colors) spines are part of our Christmas decorating, alongside two Auntie Claus picture books.

If you are a better engineer than I am, you may want to join the inventive souls who are building Christmas trees out of books this year ~ there’s now a slide show of the many trees created after word got out about this new take on bookish decorating.

On a musical note, this year I have vowed to finally carry on the tradition of an elderly-but-full-of-verve family friend who died a decade ago. Miriam ‘illustrated’ Christmas carol titles in her holiday decorating; for instance, hanging from the ceiling via fishing line in front of a bay window were several angels ~ i.e., ‘Angels We Have Heard On High.’ I only have a few days left, but I think I can do it.

Do you have unique and/or sentimental ways of trimming your house for the holidays? If so, please share in a comment below.

(See Part II ~ the story of our holiday picture book decor ~ over on the Lost in a Book blog that my 10-year-old daughter and I write about kids’ books.)

Postscript/update, December 2012: Don’t miss the 2nd Annual Books-on-Cakeplate Holiday Edition display in our 2012 post.

  1. Reblogged this on REvisions and commented:
    My sister’s simple but cool decorating idea.

  2. Well, I would love this idea even if The Friendship Doll was not in that gorgeous stack of color and story! Thank you.

  3. […] year, I took a decades-old cake plate passed on to me by my mother and piled it high with beautiful books with red, red-and-white spines in celebration of the holidays; on my first try, I realized that this […]

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