In the Long Run …

In running on August 21, 2011 at 10:35 am

Today, I’m supposed to attempt 5 miles … not nonstop running, however, so the walking breaks will make it better. Still, if my knees and I make it, it will be the longest I’ve ever gone. Because I’m so far behind and my knees have been achy in the past few days, I’ve been dreading it on one level and on another, I’ve been antsy to get out and see how it goes.

I’m flying by the seat of my pants on strategy because I left NC without the sheet of paper on which my running adviser  (shall I call him Coach K? that would probably not make him happy) wrote down my training instructions for the week. Too bad.  I have vague memory of some of the details, but will probably wing it.

Here’s to success — meaning that by the 4.5 mile mark, I am still able to run part of the remaining half mile and my knees aren’t screaming at me.


Although, as defined so loosely in that last paragraph, today’s ‘run’ was successful, it was in reality, miserable. Well, not miserable in the strictest sense, as I was too much of a wuss to have gotten too miserable.

It was disappointing and discouraging and unimpressive. While it was humid-ish (75 % or so) and I waited too late to start, I found that I couldn’t hit my stride and get a comfort level w/ the exertion (I guess that having a comfort level with exertion is a contradiction in terms?). After awhile, I was stopping every few minutes to walk, and it seemed as if the 5 miles would never end.

Only up side — beyond the fact that I went through with it at all after a weekend of feeling rundown — is that I made it through 5 miles of running and walking, however pitifully, without my knees blowing out.

I need to regroup with myself (?) and see if I can find my confidence again. When I have confidence, the fatigue doesn’t take charge like it did today.


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